Fitsyn | Marketing and Funnel Agency Platform

How Fitsyn Works

Fitsyn is an All-In-One platform for marketing automation that is custom branded for each client:

  1. 1

    Prepare Client Contracts

    Gather your coaching, program or event contracts a consumer would sign to participate in your program.

  2. 2

    Launch Your Platform

    Go live with your complete campaign & traffic management with included marketing automation system.

  3. 3

    Work With Team Fitsyn

    Fitsyn is unique in the sense that we monitor campaign KPI's and provide suggested optimization.

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Accelerate your coaching business

Remove the cost barrier for your clients and easily on-board with full funding in 72 hours (up to $30,000 ticket size)

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What Fitsyn Funding Offers

Fitsyn works specifically in the personal development space with the core goal of increasing consumer access to high-ticket programs, masterminds and events.

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    Remove Barrier to Entry

    Remove the discussion of program cost and focus on what matters most: changing your clients life, business or situation.

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    Increase Business Revenue

    Fund the entire program directly to your business account in 48-72 hours form the time your client is approved for financing.

  3. 3

    On-board More Clients

    Work with Fitsyn and revenue share on increasing client interest and submission to be apart of your coaching program.

“There's a feeling of structure that you can't find in other programs — Fitsyn has revolutionized the financial aspect of my coaching business”
Nick Long
Fitsyn Customer

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